Smart Magnetic Mosquito Screens

State-of-the-art designed Magnetic Nets for insect proofing your home, office, or outdoor spaces.
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We manufacture, customize, supply and do installation of removable Magnetic Window Nets, Screens, Mesh. Suitable for Aluminium frame sliding or swinging windows, doors and balconies, and outdoor spaces. Well suited for insects, mosquitoes, flies.

Manufacture Screens

We have the technology, skills and expertize to manufacture state-of-art screens, nets, mesh for windows and door. Make call for insect proofing.
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Magnetic Screen Installation

We customize the screens to fit your door, window, outdoor spaces to prevent insects; mosquitoes and flies so you live peacefully. Retrofit your windows.
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We Customize Screens

Every door and window are different in material, size, shape and design. We measure and make considerations for durable and effective screens.
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If you need a space that is devoid of insects. No mosquitoes, flies, you need to insect proof it using a net, mesh, screen. We partner with forward-thinking individuals and business leaders.

Residential Homes

Protect your family from annoying insects with our innovative and eco-friendly solutions. Could be student hostels, dormitories, airbnbs, hotels. Reach out

Commercial Spaces

Work in insect-free spaces. Commerical offices, food restaurants, industrial parks, camp sites, storage rooms. Live and work peacefully. Call in to get started

Why Magnetic Screens

Insect-proofing spaces for peace of mind and health.

Insects OUT

Screens prevent entry of insects

Fresh air IN

Magnetic Screens allow flow of fresh air.


Control insects without using chemicals.


Engineered from special material.

Open with Ease

Easy to remove to open window or door.

Close with Ease

Easy to close window or door.

Smart Buildings

Buildings are dumb, our technologies make them smart.

Clear View

Magnetic Screens do not block the view.


Prevent entry of insects; mosquitos, flies, moths, Nairobi fly (narrow bee), spiders, crickets, grass hoppers, cockroaches or lizards, snakes, geckos through windows, doors or openings by installing magnetic screens. They are self adhesive hence easily removable for ease of closing and opening of windows. Its an ecofriendly approach to control insects and ensure a bug free living and working spaces. Its a well thoughtout innovative solution for residential homes, commercial spaces, school student hostels, dormitories, airbnbs. Start the journey.